Your smile is part of your everyday life. Along with your facial expression, it is a key element in non-verbal communication between human beings and is said to have no equivalent in animals. Requiring a complex interplay of more than 15 different facial muscles, your smile – displaying your teeth – through its infinite nuances, expresses joy, greetings, goodwill, humour, disbelief, and when downplayed can express condescension, irony, derision, and even contempt. Your smile, like your expression, eminently reflects your personality. Smiling and laughing are the best ways to show your teeth. Beautiful teeth, solidly anchored, allow you to chew properly, which is essential for digestion. They contribute immensely to self-confidence, making your personality shine, in both your personal and professional life. This is why we take special care to plan very precisely any replacement of lost or absent teeth, through implantology, and the treatment of damaged or unsightly teeth through aesthetic dentistry, to help you find the quality of life you have been lacking. Our care team and our care areas allow us to provide you with the high quality modern treatment you have the right to expect.

Our care team

Presentation of the care team of Doctor Yves BARSACQ.

Bloc chrirurgie dentaire - cabinet implantologie Biarritz


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Aesthetic dentistry

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Hygiene et Aseptie


The medical team is trained advanced rules of hygiene.