Our care team

The practitioner

Doctor Yves Barsacq is a dental surgeon and implantologist. He holds Diplomas, Certificates and international Qualifications:

  • State diploma as Dental Physician and Surgeon
  • University degree in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation
  • Extensive international training in the US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, UK...

The expertise that Doctor Yves Barsacq has acquired in dental surgery and implantology now allows him to offer you solutions to your problems and optimise your treatment (dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, dental whitening...)

The assistants

Anne-Lise, dental assistant

Anne-Lise joined the clinic’s Dental Surgery and Implantology team at the end of 1994. She initially helped our former assistant Christine in reception, administrative tasks, scheduling and patient relations.

At the same time, she managed relationships with dental prosthesis laboratories as well as all the clinics other suppliers.

The task of tracking medical devices, each with its batch number, was also part of her responsibilities.

In 1999, to continue her development at the clinic, in addition to her daily work she studied for two years at the Bordeaux University of Dentistry-Stomatology to obtain a diploma as Certified Dental Assistant (awarded by CNQAOS – the national centre of dental assistants qualified in Dentistry-Stomatology).

Promoted to head of hygiene, asepsis and the sterilisation chain, she also became surgical technician in the operating block assisting the Practitioner during surgery.

She also assists the Practitioner in taking X-rays and processing the images.

She conducts medical follow-ups with the other Surgical Dentists treating patients as well as Practitioners in other disciplines (generalists, cardiologists, haematologists, radiologists, rheumatologists…) for any patients who require it.

Her work is key for successful treatment.

Alexandra, dental assistant
Alexandra joined our team of the cabinet in May, 2014.

Her responsibilities include the disinfection, the sterilization and the preparation of medical equipment. She's essential to the scrupulous maintenance which requires the use of an operating block.

Alexandra native of Belarus, specialized translator, speaks several foreign languages, what facilitates the understanding with the foreign patients.