Complete edentulousness

Currently, when there are no teeth left or if it is necessary to extract them all, a fixed bridge on dental implants is the best solution.

Before the arrival of dental implants, there was no fixed solution possible for someone who had lost all their teeth. They had to wear... or put up with dentures to the point where they really began to feel like invalids.

Today it is possible to replace all the teeth thanks to dental implants.

The implant solution presents numerous advantages

  • The absent teeth can be replaced in a secure way that ensures comfort, efficient chewing, better elocution, and increased self-confidence.
  • It restores and improves aesthetics.
  • It avoids removable prostheses (dentures or devices).
  • The treatment remains reliable and stable throughout the patient’s lifetime.

Alternatives to implants

A complete removable prosthesis familiar to everyone, called "dentures".

A denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces all the teeth. It is placed onto the gums, but with no possible fixing because the teeth are gone.

There are multiple disadvantages: discomfort, pain when eating and speaking, wounds and pain linked to gum irritation due to the instability or movement of the denture. Although many adhesives are available on the market to help reduce these disadvantages, chewing remains ineffective and there is frequently a marked change in the ability to taste due to the palate being covered.

There is a high risk of breaking or losing removable devices.